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Search the names of the acts of civil records Radom Diocese Archives. Interface for volunteers to describe acts of civil records. Search Resource Polish church archives. Simply enter the names of ancestors in the search box to see it all indexed the acts in which these names were recorded.In May 2012 we started the process of indexing acts of civil records online. The project is a search engine, which will include descriptions of all acts of parish registers from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. They will be viewed and downloaded free online scan for a small fee.In the years 1810 - 1825 parishes acted as Vital Records Offices, because our resources are all acts of civilian citizens living then in what is now the Diocese of Radom, regardless of ethnic origin or religion. To check if your interesting books have survived and are in the resource file, simply enter the name of the parish to the search engine on the home page. We are conducting genealogical research for those concerned.After logging in to a panel of volunteers, we'll randomly select the image registry books. Once indexed, stored in a memory acts, their description will be added to the search engine acts of civil records. Search allows you to search the database of legislation by name, date, parish. There you can view images online acts. Allows you to download online, assigned to a given description, photos, register books page.Genealogy sucks, I hope that thanks to us that you begin your exciting adventure. Advanced genealogists, we wish to have their family tree expanded thanks to the information gathered from our also find resources Archives of the Archdiocese of Czestochowa, the Archdiocesan Archives in Gliwice, Archives of the Diocese of Plock, Archdiocesan Archive in Wrocław, the Archive of the Metropolitan Curia in Krakow, the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv, the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilnius.Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv kept registry books of the Latin rite of the Archdiocesan Archives in Lviv, the village registry books of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Przemysl, and the book of the Greek Catholic parish Hubicze.BMD registry records of Roman Catholic parishes archdeaconry of Bialystok in the years 1808-1864 are held at the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilnius. Several years ago, have been microfilmed and the microfilms are available in the State Archive in Bialystok. Inventory of microfilms was attached to the search


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